Medicine deliveries for discharged Tays patients

We supply prescription medicines for Tampere University Hospital wards, as well as for patients that are discharged from the hospital. Medicine delivery service also covers patients staying in Norlandia.

Medicines can be ordered by calling our pharmacy on 010 3366140.
The order is paid with a debit card upon collection. We do not charge separately for delivery.

You may also order any needed self-care products that are available in our pharmacy.

We have mobile prescriptions

Mobile prescriptions

With the help of a mobile prescription, you can reserve the medicines prescribed for you with an electronic prescription. We will prepare the reserved medicines for you beforehand. The pharmacy will personally contant you when your reservation is handled. By logging in to the service, you’re required to give our pharmacy permission to reserve your prescription for Kanta services. You will need a patient guide from the electronic prescription and a smartphone (Android or iOS operating system) to read the patient guide barcode. Use of the mobile prescription application is free of charge.

Online payment


Download an app called Mobiiliresepti from your app store

Read the login instructions and press “OK”

Log in

Identify yourself with online banking credentials

You can create a PIN code to use for logging in now and in the future.

Press “Start”

Press “Read barcode”

Match the patient guide barcode to the phone display.
The application automatically grabs a photo from the barcode.

Read all desired barcodes in the same manner.

Select Tammedica pharmacy from the drop-down menu

Enter your own phone number and accept the terms. If necessary, you can write a free-form message for a pharmacy, for example, address information for possible home delivery. You can also specify the delivery date for products.

Press “Send information”.

Home delivery

Free home delivery in the Tampere area

We offer our customers free home delivery service in the Tampere region.
For more information on home delivery, call our pharmacy during opening hours,

tel. 0103366140